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Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)

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Product image 1Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 2Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 3Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 4Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit Tires 35"x12.50"x18" Wheels 18"x9"+18mm
Product image 5Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017) - Shop Coachbuilder
Product image 6Coachbuilder TRD Pro Kit With BORA 1.25" Wheel Spacers. OE PRO Wheels with 35"/12.50" BFG K02s
Product image 7Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 8Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 9Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 10Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017) - Shop Coachbuilder
Product image 11Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017) - Shop Coachbuilder
Product image 12Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 13Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017) - Shop Coachbuilder
Product image 14Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 15Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 16Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 17Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)
Product image 18Coachbuilder TRD PRO Kit    ( 2015-2017 / 2019-2021)

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TRD PRO Tundra Owners...  Starting where the TRD Pro stopped in its engineering we have made the Best even Better. Focusing on Suspension Performance, Handling, Weight Distribution, Steering Response and proper geometry. You will not only be able to increase tire size but greatly improve the way your truck drives and handles. Your Factory TRD PRO suspension uses a tuned/bypass front coilover and the last thing anyone wants is to destroy the functionality or ride quality by adding preload to the coil. Our Kit Will Not Add Any Additional Preload while keeping the coilover in the center line of stroke. This Means Full Up Travel and Full Down Travel.

Ekstrom Design has made this possible.

Designed and Engineered to Enhance your TRD PRO experience, each part is carefully sized to keep your OE Bilstein/Fox PRO suspension within proper operating range. Precisely CNC machined to fit perfectly and finished off with a hard black anodized coating. Our Coachbuilder System will perform flawlessly in any environment. 

   This product normally Ships in 12-21 Business Days but do not Guarantee as build schedules vary. Please note we do not allow cancellations after 24 hrs of placing your order. Thank You!

Retains All OF Your Original Bilstein/ Fox TRD PRO Suspension.

Improved Handling and Corrects Geometry 

Increased Ride Height

Improved Weight Distribution

No Cutting or Modding of Anything

Made In The USA

Installs in 3.5-4 Hrs

MFG Ekstrom Design And Fabrication Corporation.

--Whats Included--

 Coachbuilder Front Coilover Shim Kit (Provides 1.00" of lift)

Coachbuilder Front Bumper Shim Kit (Provides additional Tire Clearance)

Coachbuilder Front Bump Stop Extension Kit (4 pieces)

Coachbuilder Steering Kit  Sealed W/Boots.

Coachbuilder +3" Shackles W/Hardware (Provides 1.75" of lift)

Coachbuilder Polyurethane Bushing Kit

Coachbuilder Carrier Bearing Drop Kit

** Requires +30 mm / +25 mm / +20mm / +18 mm offsets if using 18" wheels or a 1.25" wheel spacer if using OE Wheels

** 17" wheels can be used with a +25mm offset or less **


What our System DOESN'T DO...

Coachbuilder Kit DOES NOT add any additional preload to coilovers.

Coachbuilder Kit DOES NOT Exceed Proper Geometry.

Coachbuilder Kit DOES NOT use lift Blocks.

Coachbuilder Kit DOES NOT add unnecessary stress to moving parts.



Alignment specs to use after installing:

Camber +.2 Degrees Per Side.

Caster +2.2 - +2.5 Degrees Per Side.

Toe +.07 - +.10 Degrees Per Side, Not to Exceed +.20 Combine. 

Recommended Tire Size ( 295/70/18" Measures 34.6" x 11.7" )

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